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The captain's log shows sortes since memorial day (MAY 25) 1998


This is my first attempt at a webpage so dont be too judgemental.

I have been a angler since I was a wee lad. My family always took trips
in our RV all over the countryside. One thing that I always looked for
was a place to stick my hook into. I grew up in an ethnically diverse
neighborhood in the city of DETROIT. Had lots of friends who also shared
my interests in fishing. I can remember the days, a group of us would 
ride our bikes over five miles to lake saint clair. Just to bag a 
walleye or a small mouth, was the height of the day. Years later, that
enthusiasm drove us all the way to the oscoda area. Landing the "big ones"
at the mouth and along the banks of the au sable river, (aw-sablow) was
one of the heights of my teenage years. Currently, I own my own boat,
and live across from a lake. I get into the zone, whenever I hear about
a nice catch or an old friend drops by and we take the boat out. I have
many "fishing tales" but the funniest by far, is when Johnny "the almighty
fisherman" got his finger caught in a tri-hook barbed plastic repella lure.
He was doing the fish dance with a twenty six inch walleye, still on the
other end, and flailing about like it didnt want to be on-shore. WAY TO
GO JOHN! Anglers note: never try to remove a lure without pliers.

well thats part of my "fishing adventures" I hope you enjoyed it!

promote "give a kid a pole and watch the magic" it worked for me!


AND to my dad, who first got me hooked on the basics ... way to go! 

To send me E-mail stories of your fishing adventures, or to just say "hello"
contact me at ""  I would love to
hear about the one that got away or the trophy one on the mantle.